Sky Grasper Aile Striker

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2005/08/08 06:32 JST in Gundam

I was wondering whether I should get the Aile Striker add-on for Strike for a while now and just when I decided to get one - it looks like it was sold out all over Japan!
Luckily I had one of my agents locate one - he nearly died in the process of getting it for me and told me that I should not tell anybody I have it for fear of being stabbed behind the left ear.
As luck would have it, the titanium plate implanted behind my left ear is still intact and I fear no stabs-to-behind-the-left-ear anymore - so on with the ramblings.

I only wanted the Aile Striker (the wings that you see sticking out the back of the plane on the box) and did not spend time to make the Sky Grasper (the plane on the box). My wife was having a go at me wondering why we paid the agent to risk his life bringing me the goods and yet not put together the Sky Grasper - I tried to convince her that the Sky Grasper was just a freebie - but the convincing was difficult after realizing that the picture of Skygrasper takes up over half of the box...
Anyway, after a few wacks around the head I started to put together the Aile Striker which only took a few hours. Spraying took about 30 mins - set up took another 30 mins. Assembly about 2 hours. Second coat about 15 mins. Inking about 1.5 hours. I have not added the stickers or top coat yet which I plan to do next week - and after that I will be able to bring you tons of mega huge pics. Keep those beady mince pies peeled!

Above: Still yet to do the stickers and top coat. Strike was eager to try his new gear on.
Below: Aile Striker from the back.

Below: Aile Striker was boxed with some crumpled up posters - one of them was a Eureka Seven poster - what a waste!