Singapore Meetup 2011 Details

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2011/11/10 22:14 JST in Japanese Pop Culture

Meetup details for Singapore!
Previously known as CGM Night, "Culture Japan Night" continues with the same mission to bring together folks who are passionate about Japanese Pop Culture to network and explore new opportunities and friendships.

We had a great time at last years Singapore CGM Night but I think that this year will be even better. This year we have our own venue which is the official AKB48 cafe in Scape. The time will be next Monday 14th November and will be open only to Culture Japan readers and their comrades. Doors open at 3PM and we can stay around until 10PM. You obviously can come and leave when you want though ^^;

The cafe has to pay its bills however and we will be charging 10 SGD at the door where you will get a drink and buffet. You can also order more dishes separately too.
Folks who are interested, just like last year - please register your attendance using this form.

There will be a table on stage for doll and figure displays, street fighter and trading card game tournaments. Have a look at last years shenanigans - will be even more fun this year!

Will be signing stuff and we'll do a photo session too. And its the AKB48 cafe so who knows - maybe a few of the girls will turn up? @.@
Look forward to meeting you all liao!

Some of the AKB girls rehearsing.