POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2007/12/26 20:15 JST in Japan

How has your festive season been so far? Did you have a ronery Christmas? How about the food? Had lots to eat? Well how about washing all that festive nourishment down with a mouthful of Shirako?

I was surprised to discover that Shirako (fish sperm sack (full of sperm)) is a common dish in Japan which can be ordered at most Izakaya (Japanese pubs).
Most of the Shirako dishes are raw but I was in a restaurant where they served it slightly fried.
More serving suggestions at Google image search.

Haven't tried it and don't feel brave enough yet - maybe in another lifetime ^^;
Does Shirako go on your "avoid like the plague" or "will kill to eat" list when you are in Japan?