Shirahane Nao at CJC

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2013/08/08 00:05 JST in Anime

I've been working with illustrator Shirahane Nao-sensei (DMYO) for a few years now - a most talented artist and good comrade of mine.

Since we met, Shirahane-sensei has done illustrations for a ton of light novels and a 3DS game too. She's so popular in Japan that she gets the Kabe Circle (wall circles) at Comike.

I'm delighted to announce that Shirahane-sensei will be joining us for our first convention - Culture Japan Con which takes place next week August 17 - 18 2013 in Penang Malaysia.

She will be giving a workshop where she will show you how you too can draw in her style - you'd be drawing cute girls all day long in a jiffy!

This was the first illustration of Mirai Suenaga that sensei done for us back in 2011.

Shirahane-sensei's illustration used on Mirai Airlines ^o^

Sensei's artwork used on Mirai Itasha V2.

We finally get to see sensei's illustration of Mirai moving in an interactive app - MiraiClock3 free for Android and iOS.

We made a Nendoroid based on Shirahane-sensei's illustration too.

And here is a lookie at some of Shirahane-sensei's work.


Mamamia ><

White Album girls ><

Big eyes.

Kawaii ><

Shirahane Nao-sensei will be releasing a Mirai Suenaga Doujinshi for the first time ever at CJC! ^o^

Culture Japan Con attendees will be the first ones in the world to get hold of the freshly doodled illustration of Kizuna Yumeno by Shirahane Nao-sensei as an A2 poster ^o^

For fans of Shirahane-sensei who cant make CJC - here is another new doodle of Kanata Hoshikawa, Mirai Suenaga and Haruka Suenaga as a high res wallpaper for you ><

As published in the Stage Schedule, Shirahane-sensei's workshop will be on Day 1 from 15:45 - 16:45 where she will show you how she draws so that hopefully you will be able to draw just like her too!

She will also be signing on Day 1 from 17:00 - 19:00. Tis on a first come first serve basis though ><