Shinjuku Photo Walk

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2010/02/05 23:55 JST in Places to visit in Japan
At Shinjuku for meetings in the evening followed by a quick photo walk. Shinjuku used to be my hub when we first moved to Tokyo - we lived in Higashi Fushimi on the Seibu Shinjuku line which came into Shinjuku.
Hardly visit Shinjuku these days but when I do it always brings back nostalgic memories of the early days which you may have read in the Tokyo 1999 - 2001 and Tokyo 2001 - 2004 post.
Since 2002, my hub has been Shibuya - moved to Higashi Matsubara on the Inokashira line after joining Amazon. A "Hub" is used to refer to a station which has many lines branching out from it. Main hubs in Tokyo include Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro and Tokyo station.
Established back in 1963, the electronics chain store Sakuraya will close all of its stores by March 2010.
There were a load of Sakuraya stores in Shinjuku and I regularly got my bits n pieces from them when I first settled here. Folks who have visited Sakuraya will remember this tune which plays in the background over and over and over and over and over again.
And many are going to miss the Sakuraya CM's too ^^;
Sakuraya are now trying to get rid of as much as they can and are having huge discounts on the stock that's left.
There used to be a load of laptops here which all got whipped up - apart from the VAIO's it seems ^^;
I used to be such a huuuuge and VAIO fanboy until I discovered that all my VAIOs had the Sony Timer built in. I think that maybe Apple is using the same technology in its products too ^^;
This is where all the digital cameras were.
The place looked kinda sad with the empty shelves.
Its Friday evening anime time. Is there a decent dose of anime on your local TV stations?
The huge 46 inch screens going for 280000 yen. If you offered cash, they would probably sell it for cheaper - but only during a closing down sale.
It also means that the Sakuraya Hobby Kan closes down too. This store is filled with hobby stuff from games to figures to plastic models.
Revoltechs up for grabs for only 580 yen.
Star Wars figures for only 50 yen.
Sakuraya was doing 20% off the display price of everything.
More Star Wars goodies.
Quite a few rare figures too.
While the other Sakuraya stores in shinjuku were half empty due to all the good stuff being sold out, Hobby Kan had a load of shoppers all after goodies in the clearance sale.
Gundam Galore. I have a feeling that you will be seeing much more Gundam around ^^;;;;
End Of Eternity - reminds me of how the older I get, the more I talk about games and the less I play them ToT. Don't know much about this game but liked the demo of the girls running about with guns n pantsu.
I'm going to drop you off right here. Shinjuku station is just opposite where you can get the Yamanote and a load of other lines. Me need to go back to base to prepare another article. See you later.