Shinjuku in the Summer 2013

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Last year we started seasonal photowalks around Tokyo to show you what it looks like in the Summer and Winter - this should give you a better idea of what to wear and what you can expect to see in the boiling heat or freezing cold on your visit.
Today we take a look at what the Shinjuku area looks like in the boiling heat this year and covers the West and East side of JR Shinjuku station. We cover the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, Lammtarra, Sega Game Center, Kabukicho, Moa Street, Pachinko center, Kinokuniya, Shinjuku Street, Bicqlo, Wald 9 Cinema, Shinjuku Gyoen Park, Yodobashi Camera, Omoide Yokocho and other various shops in the area.
First photo is of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building - will take a look from the top later in this post.
South Exit at Shinjuku - I used to get off here everyday when I was working for Microsoft. I'd pop round to Sakuraya Hobby Kan for lunch at the time ^^
Moa 2nd street on the East side of Shinjuku.
Summer in Japan is a hot n muggy experience - 36°C today but has recently reached 40°C ToT
Lammtarra - the one stop for DVDs, anime goodies and health products.
Shingeki no Mask?
Colossal Titan hooded T-shirts.
School and maid uniforms - which tickles your fancy the most?
Evangelion themed earphones.
At the Sega Game Center checking out the latest goodies.
Recognize any of these Japanese mascot characters? These are known as Chihou Yurukyara and are mascots for various regions around Japan.
Madoka Magica chocolate - which do you want to eat the most?
Shingeki no Kyojin jigsaw puzzle.
Loads of it!
Streets without underground bicycle parking systems are usually flooded with two wheelers.
In Japan, remember to always look up as each floor house different shops and restaurants.
Folks looking for some hanky panky head to Kabukicho.
At night there will be folks enticing you to go into one of these hanky panky establishments - be careful though as I heard many horror stories from folks who have dared to venture.
Looks like these ladies are waiting for you inside.
Moe-characters being used on Kyabakura signboards. Not all in Kabukicho is hanky panky - many of it is hostess bars where you sit with a lady who talks with you. You need to buy her drinks though - lots of it.
The sort of fun n games that you can find in Kabukicho. This place has a magic mirror so that you can choose a girl of your liking without her seeing you.
Japan has lots of creative ideas to cool down the summer heat and this is one of them - step inside for free aircon.
Pachinko centers are filled with folks all day long - some earning a load of moolah - some losing a load of moolah ^^
The guy with all the red buckets of ball bearings behind him has struck rich.
Which one of these seafood donburi (丼) would you fancy for noms?
Raw oysters. Popular among folks in Japan but may cause stomach ache for a few. I avoid at all costs.
Takoyaki on the grill.
Durian - the king of fruits.
Just another day in Shinjuku.
Moving on to the Kinokuniya book store.
Samurai sword umbrellas.
Doll parents may want to pick up one of these mini sized sushi magnets.
Compact samurai sword umbrella and chopsticks.
Loads of translated manga.
If you're into illustrating then these guide books may help you draw cuties with Japanese weapons or Western weapons.
How to draw girlies in lolita style.
Checking out Bicqlo - a fusion store by Uniqlo and Biccamera.
AnoHana the movie just out.
List of other movies being shown at the Wald 9 Cinema.
Kakigori - Japanese crushed ice dessert.
Trivia time - "Fast Kitchen" and "First Kitchen" would be spelt the same in Katakana.
Forever 21 Shinjuku store.
The Shinjuku Gyoen situated on the east side of Shinjuku station is a home to Japanese gardens and traditional tea rooms. A lovely place to getaway from the hustle n bustle of Shinjuku's concrete maze.
Checking out the streets of Shinjuku.
Now on the West side of Shinjuku.
How many of you are playing Final Fantasy 14?
Prince of Tennis ball charm accessories.
Like the deliberate placement of the ball ^^
Gachapon Vocaloid goodies.
Kuroko no Basuke Tetsuya graphig.
Lolis from Ro-kyu-bu.
Auto Mees - an electronic smartphone cleaner.
Gunpla Galore.
More gachas.
Omoide Yokocho or "Memory Lane" is a smoky alleyway in the West side of Shinjuku filled with a load of restaurants serving yakitori, beer and traditional Japanese cuisines.
Very atmospheric here - stick on your visit list!
The streets of Japan are just so gorgeous.
Sukiya's new Yakitori-don.
"CHIKAN DESU!" shouts the lady to alert the presence of a groper caught in the act.
"Chikan" means "Pervert" - specifically one that gropes women. I have not seen any but seems that this is a problem in Japan due to the amount of Anti Pervert posters up n about ><
What would you do (or have done) when you spot a groper?
Chochin or "Lanterns" can be seen lining the streets of Japan in the Summer season.
Yodobashi Camera.
The neon signs of Shinjuku.
A night view from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building observation platform. Admission is free of charge throughout the year.
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