Shin Marunouchi Building

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2007/11/13 19:47 JST in Japan

So we've already taken a look at two "City within a city" areas so far - Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Midtown. Went to another one just outside Tokyo Station called Shin Marunouchi Building - a building indeed it is but a city lies within.
BTW, this image is in the wallpaper pool together with the Gurren photo of Yoko that you asked for ^^
BTW2, I'm going to be deleting images from the wallpaper pool soon so get them while you can.

Get off at Tokyo station and look for this structure - the Shin Marunouchi Building.

Large halls greet you as you enter.

A quick gander at the food stuff available. Recommend you go to the 7th floor to eat - you will see why later.

Open till late for those who have missed their train home.

Many snazzy outlets with shop assistants trying to stop you from taking pictures - like this man approaching.

When you are tired of touring around Tokyo - stop off and spend the rest of the afternoon at Shin Marunouchi. Atmosphere is extremely relaxed with comfortable seats all over the place.

Most of the outlets are clothing and household ornaments.

I've never been to a place in Japan where there are so many chairs about the place. Was trying to figure out their strategy all evening ^^;

There are many little corners with chairs and I'm guessing that they welcome people to come to relax or have little meetings - and then spend money at the restaurants on the way out.

More seatings - bunch of school girls in the corner.

Snazzy Interior.

There is outdoor seating on the 7th floor where this was taken. A bit chilly at this time of year but guessing great during a cool summers evening with a cuppa ginger ale.

Trying to get good shots without a tripod.

ISO 800 with shutter open for 1.6 seconds + deep breath.

ISO 800 with shutter open for 4.5 seconds + deep breath + balanced camera on edge of barrier.

Tokyo Station itself feels like a little city on the inside too - get lost one will.

Love this corner on the 7th floor - grab a cuppa coffee and talk about life in the corner with a great view.

More seating.

Even more seating. These seats are not part of any restaurant and you can go and grab a beverage or food and munch on it anywhere. Everytime I meet up with my readers when they come to Tokyo, I always bring them to somewhere local - the next time I will take you here ^^

Looking at the heavens from the bottom of the building.