Shibuya Tour

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2010/11/30 18:03 JST in Places to visit in Japan
This weekends Culture Japan (Saturday 4th December on Tokyo MX TV from 22:30) will be a Shibuya Tour with the most sweetsome actress and model Elly Otoguro (twitter). We go to cover Shibuya 109, Sanzenri Chemist (the one that's been there since the end of World War II), Mandarake and the biggest electronics department store in Shibuya Lavi.
Was also filming my first attempt at a commercial for Culture Japan too - screencap of it above ^^;
Elly is currently the CM girl for Aeon and also spends a load of time in Taiwan appearing as a host on a TV show called "Mr.J Pin Dao" Mr.J頻道]
One of her Aeon CM's below.
And she was telling us about how cold it was filming One Chanbara running around in her undies cutting up zombies ^^;
To make a 30 min TV show, we usually need to take hours of footage. Was filming in Shibuya from 10AM through 9PM-ish. Lately we've been using the Lumix GH2 to do our filming which produces great results. The reasons why I decided to go for an SLR for filming is:-
-Cheaper than renting a TV camera for each shoot
-Cheaper than buying and maintaining a TV camera
-Variety of lens
-Saves data onto an SD card which is easily imported into Final Cut Pro
-Easy for newbies to shoot video footage
The only real drawback we've encountered using the SLR for filming over a standard TV camera is that the battery life is very short. We've got 4 batteries which we had to keep charging throughout the day and they dont make those huge battery compartments that you can attach to the bottom of the camera.
Got a load of posts including A Week in Tokyo that I need to catch up on so will leave you here with Elly to wander around Shibuya. Coverage of each location coming soon. Elly posted some photos on her blog too.
Thanks to Ken who took some of these photos. If you are interested in being on the mailing list to be notified whenever we are filming so that you can come along to take photos then leave a comment or ping me on Twitter.