Shibuya 109

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The iconic Shibuya 109 building. The name originates from the Tokyu Group who built the facility. "Tokyu" (とうきゅう) is converted to the reading for "10" as "To" and "9" as "Kyu". Its also called "Ichi Maru Kyu".
Back in 1979 when the facility first opened, the tenants were stores which catered for women between the ages of 20 - 30. These days however, tenants cater for teenagers to ladies in their twenties.
And this is Shibuya 109 by day. They've got a small stage at the front where they do live events from time to time - YouTube Neta Battle being one for example.
To get to Shibuya 109, just get off at Shibuya station - you will see it from the Hachiko crossing.
These photos taken inside Shibuya 109 when filming with Elly Otoguro. There is not much in Shibuya 109 for men apart from waiting spaces, restaurants and men's toilets ^^;
First batch of photos taken at Cocolulu who cater for the street fashionwise girl.
Oppai support systems.
For Hideyoshi's and Waai's.
Some of these photos taken by Ken Lee.
I think these photos are all mixed up ^^;
Following photos from stores Lip Service and Dilga.
A sign to remind folks that shop lifting is a crime. Have wondered why they use the term "shop lifting" - is it because many moons ago folks used to actually try to lift and take the whole shop?
How much of your hard earned cash is spent on clothes? Do you go for brands first or whats comfortable?
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