POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2009/08/27 22:25 JST in Misc

Only posting a few photos as me quite knackered now. Woke up about 4am for a poxy 6am flight ToT.

Temperature is much cooler than Tokyo. Thought I could get away with just T-shirts but I was wrong. Need light jacket at this time of year.

At Sapporo airport waiting for the train.

Inside of Hokkaido trains.

There is a ton of Ramen to be had in Hokkaido.

Taking a break with Rin.

Been raining all day.

But rainy floors make nice photos.

The first photo was taken from the Sapporo TV Tower which you can see here.
Will upload more photos from Hokkaido and continue the live blogging - the time stamp for the live blogging posts are broke by the way - will fix.

Dont think I will get much done on Mirai Gaia while I'm out of action in Hokkaido but will spend most of my time on fixing everything up when I get back to Tokyo.