Sanyo DMX-C1(K)

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2004/06/11 09:39 JST in Gadgets

The DMX-C1(K) by Sanyo has to be one of the coolest gadgets out in Japan right now. I have always wanted a video camera but did not really want one which was either the size of a rocket launcher ( and used tapes ) or the size of a brick ( and used tapes ). As you can see from the photos below, the DMX-C1(K) fits into the palm of an adult hand - and does not use any of those disgusting tapes.

The DMX-C1(K) takes about 25 mins of high quality VGA video at 30 frames a second on a 512MB SD Card. You can also take low quality video clips in which case you will be able to fit about 2.5 hours worth on a 512 card. Also takes photos too at 3.2 mega pixels - the quality being very acceptable. The dimensions are Width 69×Depth 34×Height 108mm and weighs in at 174grams. The only downer is the compression method - MP4 - you either have to install Quicktime or look for an MP4 codec on the net - I have not been able to find any good quality MP4 codecs yet.

Once you have finished taking a clip, rest the DMX-C1(K) in its cradle and hit the "Camera/Charge" button and your computer will recognize the USB attached cradle as a hard disk - no drivers needed.

The DMX-C1(K) set me back about 41,900 yen and the SD card cost half a leg at 19,000 yen.

DMX-C1(K) and cradle

Front view - comes with 5.8 power zoom. The silver disc thingy on the LCD cover is the L/R microphone.

Most of the controls are accessible by ones thumb ( or nose, or toe if you want ). The machine turns on when you flip open the LCD cover.