POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2004/10/11 06:55 JST in Gundam

I made this a while a go but never got to post it - but here it is at last! I have always wanted to make these plastic kits but never thought I would be able to spray and assemble these and have the final product looking decent at the same time. I picked up a hobby magazine which pretty much showed and explained all the techniques in making these models and went from there.

Above : Gun Cannon kit - picked it up for about 2500 yen at Akihabara.

Above : Adding Decals

Above : The first stage complete - now for sanding down, airbrush and topcoat.

Above : Gun Cannon ready for a good going over with the airbrush. I picked up the airbrush and compressor at Tokyu Hands. This mini compressor is fantastic and has enough power for what I need. Its compact and silent too. Before I got the compressor - I used air cans which were useless - they would freeze over after a few mins meaning that you had to wait around for it to cool down. I tried the 2 can technique but yer still have to wait as the cans freeze over pretty quickly.

Above : Gun Cannon ready for some top coat. The top coat protects the model from being scratched and having decals or the paint coming off.

Above : And here it is! Looking cooler than cool - more pictures of Gun Cannon to follow!