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Released earlier on this year by Volks was Dollfie Dream Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame. These Dollfie's however are of the "DDS" variety or "Dollfie Dream Sister" which are a wee bit smaller than the standard Dollfie Dreams. The main difference is the poseability and joint designs which is completely different than the DD line.
Some how, A DDS Reimu just appeared at my hotel room and asked if I would take her back to Japan while I was in Hong Kong recently.

Many folks ask where to get hold of Dollfies. Unfortunately they are not always easy to come by. Volks USA is an option but many of their products are raffle based - even if you got the moolah to get one, you also need luck on your side. Many of the Volks Dollfies are released at events that take place in Japan - yep raffle based.

Yahoo Auction Japan is another option of looking for a Dollfie but you need to rely on the seller to ship outside of Japan.

If you are willing to pay a wee bit extra after finding what you want on Yahoo Auction however, you can use services like Japan To Door who will bid, buy and send stuff to you no matter where you live.

Another option is to simply ask Natalie at Dollfieworld. Natalie has got an army of comrades who attend each and every Dolls Party and can usually get what you want - all you have to do is to ask her in advance and pay her a wee bit on top for a cuppa coffee.
Natalie also has a shop in Hong Kong which you can check out if you are in town.

The elbow joints on the DDS means that you can bend the arms over 90 degrees without having to pull them out at the elbows sockets like the DD line.

Reimu arrives in Tokyo getting used to her surroundings.

Reimu's wig however looks better on Nanoha.

And Reimu looks better with different hairstyle.

Reimu heads up to the 3rd floor.

Hmmmm. Whats that wooden box thingy?

! Looks like a Dollfie sized wardrobe ^o^ T'was a prezzie from Kuraikawaii-san from Barcelona. She's got many folks in her family who are a dab hand at woodwork.

Reimu looks for something decent to wear.

Running out of space ^^;

Bottom shelf for shoes.

Shelf for bags.

Shelf for stockings and... chocolate?!

Skirts, jumpers and wot not.

And a shelf for the nice smelling frilly stuff. Mmmmmm.

Completely different inner frame. Much more sturdy but squeaks quite a bit.

Reimu's eyes seem...bigger?

As with many photos taken by Volks - was not a fan of Reimu until I started to see photos taken by owners. She's quite a cutie.

Looks like Reimu found something to wear.

At the top of the wardrobe is the food pantry filled with ready to nom nommies.

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