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POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2010/09/11 08:56 JST in Japanese Pop Culture

First up is BMW Magazine - a world trend magazine with a circulation of apparently 4 million worldwide.

Still want a Nissan Fairlady Z or GTR though ^^;

Photo taken on the same day as the Coming of Age Day.

The article talks about 4 foreigners in Japan and how they observe trends in Japan. Also includes interview with comrade Sven at CScout Japan.

A feature in the Japan Times earlier on this year.

Glad the girls get a good shot too.

The Star Newspaper got wind of a gathering I was having in KL and turned up ^^;

The most read computing, game and gadget journal in Japan - Weekly Ascii. I'll be writing for this regularly just as soon as I get time to sit down to submit my first article ^^;

Was a short blurb on my Radio interview at TBS. I'll also be in next weeks Weekly Ascii with Ken.

Was in a load of newspapers when Otacool 1 came out but could only find this one in Tokyo Sports Newspaper.

Comrade Alodia is gorgeous so it makes sense that she gets the bigger slot ^^

This article in Nikkei Sangyo Newspaper was published after I left Microsoft which talks about online monetization.

For the first year of starting up my company, I was working on my own consulting for companies like Disney Japan and Columbia Music helping them with their online strategy and SEO.

I think Mr Freeman handed this to me on my last trip to Malaysia.

Has a photo reminding me how much I miss this hat ToT - lost it on that last trip to Malaysia.

A few other bits n pieces in the press cuttings folder. This pamphlet was for the Trend Day conference in Germany.

Conference guide for the Anime Festival Asia.

Post card for the Tokyo Figure Show held last year in Harajuku Tokyo.