Rail Wars!

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Rail Wars is an upcoming anime adapted from the light novel by author Toyoda Takumi . It will be directed by Sueda Yoshifumi in his first TV anime director role, and animation production will be handled by Passione (Haitai Nanafa).

Rail Wars is scheduled to begin airing July 3, 2014 at 25:46 on TBS.

Rail Wars takes place in a world where Japan’s national railways were never privatized. High schooler Takayama Naoto’s dream job is to become a driver for Japanese National Railways. He begins on the job training with three other high schoolers as part of the Tokyo Central Railway Public Safety Department’s Fourth Security Force, also known as Keiyon .

Main Characters

Read more about the characters on the official character page.

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The opening theme will be Mukaikaze ni Utarenagara performed by Chihara Minori , which will be available July 23. The ending theme will be OVERDRIVER performed by ZAQ, and will on sale August 20.

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Some key visuals from the official website.

Some magazine scans borrowed from yande.re.