Radio Kaikan

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2008/01/28 20:55 JST in Places to visit in Japan

If you haven't done so already, the Radio Kaikan in Akiba is a place that I recommend you stop by on your next visit.
Apart from K Books (doujin, eroge related goods) and spare Gundam parts, its worth making the trip just to check out the Kotobukiya store on the first and second floors.

This is the view from Akihabara station entrance - its the Denkigai or "electric town" entrance. The Radio Kaikan is the building that you see with the yellow sign.

Radio Kaikan up close. Also has a load of Gachapon, figures, audio and surveillance equipment too.

Opposite Radio Kaikan is the Gamers store.

The Kotobukiya store on the first floor usually have some sort of event on the weekends.

This week they had some sort of card game promo. One of these girls is a popular cosplayer but I forgot her name.

And as with all the events they hold, there is usually a bunch of people gathering outside to take photos.

It seems that Kotobukiya have changed their strategy on what they sell on the first floor. Before it used to be full of figures but now its full of stuff that gajin are most familiar with - a lot of Totoro, Majo no Takkyubin, Final Fantasy etc.
If you walk in you will notice that their strategy is working as the place is usually full of gaijin.

Up on the second floor is another Kotobukiya store filled to the brim with figures.
Getting acquainted with some of the top folks at Kotobukiya now means that I don't have to sneak around in their store to take photos ^^;

This is the recently released Louise. Shame that the cast off is disabled.

Kino from Good Smile. I thought this was a boy at first.

Michiru from the ToHeart series by Kotobukiya.

Lei Fang - more of her in this previous article.

Tsuruya-san and Kyon's sister set - "It's NEW."

Suppadaka Sonsaku.

Some revoltech goodies.

More Revoltech goodies.

DC mousepads with oppai.

Haruhi Keyring - only 504 yen.

Shelf O figures.

I must be getting old. I know this character so well but cant remember her name.

Power loader.

More shelf O figures.

Milfa with replaceable heads.

Shilfa in a box.

The prices of the Kotobukiya figures at the store are all retail price. But if you are looking for rare Kotobukiya figures then its worth paying retail rather then trekking all over Akiba looking for rarity.

Case full of stuff.

The lovely Good Smile petit series next to the worst Haruhi figures.

More from Akiba this week - will also be posting Akiba stuff in the News Items which you can read or subscribe to.