Racing Miku Giveaway

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2012/05/27 12:45 JST in Good Smile Company

Recently had a giveaway to win this Racing Miku from Good Smile Company over at Facebook - winner announced this morning.
But the nice folks at Hobby Search are offering another Racing Miku as a giveaway! This time we'll run the giveaway here at

To win, all you have to do is leave a comment below with your feedback on what sort of improvements you would like to see around here - it can be anything from "more posts about Japan, figures, dolls or wot not" to "site needs speeding up" or "I want to earn points when I comment so that I can use those points for getting discounts when buying figures online" - leave any feedback that would help me improve the community and content. If you are already content with everything, just leave a comment to let me know what you already like.

I'm asking because we are nearing the completion of the Ruby version of Mirai Gaia. As many of you know, Mirai Gaia is the web platform that runs this and all of my client sites too.

Ruby will run on Amazon EC2 and will be able to scale as traffic increases. I'm also thinking of merging back to this site and include proper comrades functionality so that you can follow the posts belonging to just your comrades. There will be a single Culture Japan account which you can use across a variety of networks too.

The main reason why we lost the community was because I could not afford to maintain it - server costs are obscene! Now that my company is making a wee bit of a profit, I can afford to invest into scaling my web properties. All your data is safe and will be available on the new platform too.

The new Mirai Gaia will provide you with a bunch of tools to pull and push your content to and from networks such as Flickr, Tumblr, Twitter, Wordpress etc. I want to provide you with tools that make content creation as easy as doing a bottom burp.

As I have a large amount of Japanese users too - I want to connect you with them through the new platform which will help you absorb the culture much quicker though making new Japanese friends.

If you think that the otaku/Japan content community is missing something and you would like to see it then mention that in your comment too. If you are a dab hand at photoshop, have a good sense of design, can translate from Japanese to English and would like to do some part time work to help out on the up n coming stuff then leave a comment too!

Will choose a winner this time next week - the winner will be notified by me replying to your comment below. I'll need your snail mail which I will pass onto Hobby Search - they will send you your Racing Miku when she's out later this year.