Psycho Gundam

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2005/10/28 15:07 JST in Gundam

When I first clapped eyes on this, I nearly soiled my pants while I was in the bookshop. I quickly channeled my reserve energy to my buttocks to hold in the previous nights sushi and paid for this months copy of Dengeki Hobby.
This is a 1/144 scale model of Psycho Gundam. "Hey, but it kinda looks different to the 1/144 scale version out now?! Psycho Gundam?!" I hear you shout. This is a fine - or rather the best example I have seen of a Gundam Kit mod - where folks modify their own kits. This PG style Gundam is made from PG Strike Gundam and HG Psycho Gundam parts. Those of you who have seen Gundam Zeta will know that Psycho Gundam is one huge mother and even at 1/144 scale, its about the same size as a 1/60 PG!

I have been staring at these pics all night and had a thought. Before I started Gundam Kit modeling, I thought that I could never muster the skill to be able to make a kit and stuck to buying the ready made stuff like the Fix Figuration / Zeonography series. But after fidgeting around with them I realized that there is a limit to what can be achieved with a ready made figure when compared to a kit in terms of detail and maneuverability so I decided to take up modeling.
I have always seen these cooler than cool Gundam mods but again, thought that I would never be able to play around with the putty and molding involved but now I realize again that if I want something as cool as this then I am going to have to make my own mods - and this Psycho Gundam has convinced me!

This chap uses PG Strike's frame and HG Psycho Gundam as the armor. He has also done the works in terms of sanding down, primer, airbrushing and weathering.
There is another reason why I have avoided Gundam modding up until now - the time involved. I just want to have a cool Gundam on my desk and start posing those cool moves ASAP - a PG can be completed in about 3 days but modding a Gundam probably takes weeks. Anyway - we'll see. I will add some 'Gundam modding' tips to the tutorial when the time comes ;-)
In the mean time, you have to feast your mince pies on these! They kind of make my PG Strike look lame :-(Above:1/60 scale Psycho Gundam. Large image available.Above:The back of Psycho Gundam. Large image available.Above:At the bottom of this scan you can make out the HG Psycho Gundam together with the modded Strike. Large image available.Above:Some detail pics - the modeler also made the arms longer.
If you have any details or links about Gundam modding (not sure if thats what its called) then let us know.