PS3 Review

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2006/11/12 09:00 JST in Gadgets

One of my bothan spies who secured my PS3 and arranged to have it sent to me, is currently securing my Wii as we speak - after seeing all the Wii commercials on TV of late, my wife insisted that we get one ^^;
I'll still go to cover the queues lining for their Wii come December 2nd as somebody needs to go and entertain those folks camping out there.

As you can see from this pic - its a busy weekend for me what with poking around with the PS3 and setting up the MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo that just arrived.
The verdict? Prepare 5 changes of underwear and a mop to clean up all the skid marks you are going to leave behind. Fan bloody tastic. It does get a little hot and I did have to update the system software as soon as I turned it on but apart form that it really does rock!
I really like how the Playstation has become an online gaming machine without having to buy an extra peripheral like the PS2. You can download trail versions, addons and compete with friends online - my Playstation network id is dannychoodotcom - feel free to add me to your friends list ^^. You can add friends to your list and spy on their scores, gather together online to gang up on other players etc. I have not really dabbled in online gaming so this is a new experience for me and I like what I see.
Just uploaded some clips or Ridge Racer 7 with my crap video camera to my video stream at YouTube.
And before I continue, dont forget to check out some of the coverage so far.

Just out of the box. USB cable for charging the joypad and a few other ugly thick cables.

The machine comes with an AV cable but the quality really sucks. A HDMI cable was included but my plasma is old and is not full HD ToT.

Just like the PS2, the PS3 can be stood on its side.

And can obviously be laid flat just like the PS2.

Logos representing just some of the things that this baby can do.

It weighs about 7 kilos not including Winchan2.

You can replace the HD easily when it dies. I suppose I should try to pull it out and attach it to my mac as an external drive to see whats on it.

Turn on the machine by pushing the PlayStation button on the wireless pad or just touch the I/O sign gently.

Looks like Sony have given up trying to ignore the existence of other memory formats, CF and SD are included as well as Memory Stick. You can copy stuff like movies, images and wot not to the drive and view it on the machine.

4 USB sockets included. The joypad is attached to the machine through the USB but I think you only need have it attached when charging the pad.

Back of the machine.

You need to set up the machine when you first turn it on. These screenshots are crap because I only found out that my S-socket cable for my PS2 also worked on the PS3 *after* I had already uploaded these photos. There is a *huge* difference between a standard AV cable and S-socket.

You can choose what language you want your system in - just about every language is in there.

The system needs and update! And the machine hasn't even been on for longer than 5 mins!

But you can update from the net which is cool.

PS3 version 1.10!

Comes with a browser which is lousy. Would be better with a keyboard I suppose. Probably looks crap because my plasma is not full HD.

Signing up to the playstation network allows you to participate in online games and spend all your money downloading extra cars and stuff for Ridge Racer.

The trail version for Ridge Racer 7 was about 490MB.

The pad is wireless but needs to be charged though the USB cable. There is an extra PlayStation button in the middle which can be used to turn on the machine.

The machine is a bit on the large side and am not sure where to put it. Whether to put it lying down...

Or standing up on its side. Whatever, Igunis looks great next to the machine.
And no - Im not just going to leave it here ^^;

Again - crap screenshots because of the AV cable but check out my video stream at YouTube to get an idea of what the graphics are like.
Day off tomorrow - see you Monday.