Pokemon GO Japan

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2016/07/24 23:27 JST in Japan
Pokemon Go was released in Japan last Friday which changed the landscape immediately - I downloaded it and while walking home to catch Pokemon and grab Poke Balls at Pokestops, I took notice of everybody I walked past and 70% of them had their heads down doing the same thing.
I haven't gotten out much so am still on level 4 - how about you and how is Pokemon Go fever in your neck of the woods?
The rest of the post shows how Pokemon Go is slowly taking over the lives of Japanese citizens. Reminds me of Kingsman ^^
I've always preferred choosing girl characters in games so here you go.
And if you come to Mirai Store...
You will be able to find various Pokemon.
As our office is by the river, you can find a load of water related Pokemon.
And if you find yourself running out of battery when out on those Pokemon hunts then you may need a Smart Doll...
...because not only do Smart Doll keep you company during your Pokemon hunting, they are the only fashion doll that can charge your mobile phone.