Plamodel Radicon Show 2006

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2006/10/21 03:00 JST in Gundam

Just got back from the Plamodel Radicon show at Makuhari but need to head out again so will keep this short.
This has to be the worst press pass I've ever been given - you could easily make this on your printer - just like this one was ^^;
Yesterday n today were the press/business days and will be open to the public tomorrow n Sunday from 10AM - 800 yen to get in.

Todays event was held in hall 9. Smaller than Chara Hobby, TAF and TGS but enough to see to keep one occupied for a few hours.

Only going to leave you with GFF Kampfer for today. It looked huge for some reason - could be because I had my face pressed up against the glass ^^; Out next month and on my "to buy" list.
A lady at the Bandai booth gave me a press pack and said that I should ask her *anything*. Danny: "when is the next PG coming out?"
Bandai lady: (rummages around her copy of the press pack that she gave me) "Sorry, I dont know."
Danny: "......"Going to upload the rest of the report from either tomorrow or Monday.