Perfect Grade modeling

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2004/12/29 08:33 JST in Gundam

Well I am sure you have been waiting with baited breath as much as I have been to see the completed Bandai Perfect Grade 1:60 GAT-X105 Strike Gundam! I managed to find some time last weekend to put it together - and here is how it went....

Above:Strike parts out of the box. I sprayed the light grey parts with grey and then gave those parts a going over with white afterwards which gave a nice texture. I was so pleased with the texture that I decided not to add the normal shadowing with the airbrush.

Above:The can sprays are toxic! Make sure to wear a mask and disposable gloves - and protective eyewear if possible. Drink tons of water ever few minutes as your throat becomes sore after a while.

Many people actually snip out the pieces from the runners and then spray each piece - but what I actually prefer to do is to spray the whole runner, snip out the pieces and give the pieces a second coat to cover the snip marks after the first round of modeling. This also saves a ton of time too.

Above:Ready for an afternoon of modeling.

Above:Strike in the making. The frame underneath is made up of a zillion parts allowing Strike to even do the "Gundam kneeling pose".

Above:12 hours later and the first stage of modeling complete.

Above:What happens next is that the pieces need to have a second coat of spray paint to cover the snip marks.

Above:Many of the snip marks are not visible within the frame so I just spray the limbs and torso without taking apart the whole thing. You have to re-pose the limbs to make sure the paint gets into all the nooks and crannys.

Above:This is what the complete Strike frame looks like. The head has a light emitting diode but to turn it on, you have to remove the back piece of armour from the head which is a pain.

Above:Once the second coat has been added, you add the stickers and mark the grooves with Gundam markers. Top coat then needs to be sprayed all over the model to prevent the paint, and stickers falling off.

Above: And here it is! (you can click to enlarge this one :-) Is this cool or is this cool?

Above:Back view of Strike - maintenance hatches open all over the place.

Above:Close up of Strike - again looking cool.

That's it for now! I need to wait until I get a quiet weekend with the sun out to take more coolsome pics of Strike - in the mean time, Strike poses on my desk and eggs me on by looking cool.