Paper Black Rock Shooter

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2012/10/23 09:52 JST in Japanese Pop Culture

Here we have an awesome looking Black Rock Shooter figure - but the most awesome thing about her is that she's 95% made out of paper and fully articulated with exchangeable parts with electronics too @.@
This is the work of Plus Kareha - the last time we saw his work was over a year ago when he showed his his paper Aegis.

This Black Rock Shooter took about a year to make and cost between 5000 yen and 7000 yen for the materials consisting of matt paper, ink and some cloth. The body has 13 ball joints (also made out of paper) and the Rock Canon comes complete with an LED inside.

Have a look at the following photos with a surprise at the end!

Surprise desu! Plus Kareha-san is in the middle of making our Mirai Suenaga. Completed so far is the head and some of her Biostream Boots which is worn with the Solar Marine uniform.

It will probably be another year as he is doing the construction after work hours - I cant wait! Currently plan to feature his work on Culture Japan Season 3.