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Otaroad - Osaka's equivalent of Akihabara. There seems to be quite a large population of otaku in Osaka and because Otaroad is on a much smaller scale than Akihabara, most of the shops seem to have a load of human traffic most of the time.
This photo taken outside of Gamers which we already took a look at - if you died and went to 2D girly heaven then that's what it would look like.
To get to Otaroad, head to the following address - get there from Nanba station.
Folks after news on Akihabara can go to Akibablog, and those after info on Otaroad can go along to Senakablog.
After Gamers, its time to get some grub at a maid cafe called Moe & Shandon.
At Home Cafe is a great maid cafe but Moe & Shandon was another experience indeed! You got to choose courses like Imouto and Tsundere where the maids would act like a little sister or a Tsundere.
I chose Tsundere and got shouted at all the time!
Suzuko-san and I had a laugh and a half - all to be revealed in the second season of Culture Japan.
Mirai-chan gets omlettified.
Plushies to place bewteen your... toes while eating.
This was one of the maids that served us - a cutie - especially when she was angry in tsundere mode!
Some of the other cute maids.
Manga reading material while om nomming.
Bumped into some Milky Holmes fans who came all the way from Kanagawa to see Milky perform live later that day.
I know what its like to be a fan back from my Kylie Minogue days so I let them join us for the rest of the day filming. I'll also be bringing them along to other filming involving Milky.
Lunch done and its time to cut down some Osaka folk. Rumor has it that Osaka folks give a reaction when being sliced by an invisible katana. Suzuko VS Danny to see how many reactions they can get within the 5 min time limit.
Slicing and dicing done and its off to explore the rest of Otaroad.
At Gee Store - Cospa's retail store which is filled with a ton of anime and game merchandise.
Everything tastes better if its got an anime label on it. Also sells better too! So now you know what to do when you are trying to get rid of some secondhand stuff - just stick some anime on it.
Sonico's game Sonicomi is out soon - Mirai is in it and so am I ><
The car park beside Otaroad has a few Itasha too.
Discovered at Gee Store that my Mirai Itasha was in an Itasha magazine ^^
Buildings look so much better with 2D girlies on it.
Faith is a store that you would go to get PC parts - available in Akihabara too.
Made a new kigurumi comrade.
I thought Tohou games were just of the shooting variety but discovered that there was a whole genre of ecchi Tohou games.
How many of you play the shooting variety? I'm good at dodging Axelay bullets but lousy at dodging the Tohou variety.
Tohou bullets...
Axelay bullets ^^;
Kirino gets the Tohou treatment.
Then its time to check out some anime wigs at Lovepop Studio.
Suzuko-san gives us an example of how one should react after being cut with a kanata.
Now its Suzuko-sans time to do the chopping.
Suzuko's reaction wins! ^^;
Lovepop Studio have a load of cosplay accessories too.
Anime contact lenses to make your eyes red...
Atsuzoko boots.
Messages are better conveyed if its got a cute 2D girlie attached to it. Noizy Ito's Neon asks folks not to walk and smoke at the same time because its despicable.
Treating myself to some sweet stuff after filming.
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