Otaku in 5 years time

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Update - my slot below.

Completely forgot that I'm on Japanese terrestrial TV tonight ^^; Folks in Japan may want to tune in to Tokyo MX TV (channel 2) to watch O-Japan Senryaku where the theme is "What will become of Otaku in 2015?"
Teaser for tonight's broadcast below.

I have not seen the program yet which was recorded in a studio the other day with a panel including the boss of Toranoana and top guy at Ascii.

These screencaps are taken from my segment where they talk about the otaku business outside of Japan. I also gave them a load of other photos too which the producer said he used in the show.

As for the topic, 5 years ago in 2005, I started to proavtively blog about Japanese pop culture and work with other blogs to share traffic. I also started the Tokyo Stormtrooper thing.

It wasn't until about 2008 after I left Microsoft when things started to really take off. I started to work with many brand names like Good Smile Company and was invited to various parts of the world to talk about Japanese pop culture.

2009 has been the best year ever where I started to work even more closely with GSC, Kotobukiya, Cospa and soon it looks like some Bushi Road collaborations on the horizon too.

My hobby and interests is Japanese pop culture and combining that into my work and have it as a source of income was not by intention but worked out extremely well.

From my viewpoint, I see huge untapped areas in the Japanese pop culture market thats waiting to be explored and will be sharing my discoveries with you in 2010.
In 5 years time, I beleive that Japanese pop culture (otaku) will continue to be consumed globally. While the Japanese market may begin to saturate, the market outside of Japan will continue to grow and I envision that I will continue to work with the Japanese brand names to disseminate information on their products and services globally.

So how about you? How long have you been an otaku for and do you think you will still be consuming otaku media and merchandise in 5 years time?
How about now? Are you spending or consuming more or less?

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And what do you think will become of otaku in 5 years time?

While people in general seem to be spending less, the spending power of otaku in Japan does not seem to decrease. Otaku are willing to line up for 13 hours in the freezing cold so that they can spend all their moolah on doujinshi at the Comiket.
Otaku are willing to spend 200000 yen for a Dollfie Daughter.
Its this spending power that pours a ton of moolah back into the economy - thus the phrase that you see on the screen here - "Otaku will save the world." ^^;

Details on tonights broadcast below.
# 遠藤諭の『O-Japan戦略』
# 2015年、オタクはどうなる?▽4人の論客がクールジャパンを斬る!
# アスキー総研所長・遠藤諭がサブカルチャー/ポップカルチャーの論客達と日本発の「オタク」「Cool Japan」「カワイイ」が世界の普遍的文化となりうるか、そしてオタクコンテンツの輸出が日本経済浮揚のカギとなりうるかを徹底的に語り合います!フランスJapanEXPO、台湾のジャパンポップカルチャー、アキバや中野のオタクカルチャー事情も取材。オタクパワーによる日本再浮上計画「O-Japan戦略」を提唱
# 出演 【進行】遠藤諭(アスキー総研 所長) 【出演】東浩紀(批評家),中村伊和哉(慶応義塾大学大学院 メディアデザイン研究科教授),吉田博高(株式会社虎の穴 代表取締役社長)

Ah, somebody just tweeted and reminded me to post the first time I was on Japanese terrestrial TV back in 2006. T'was a program called Blog TV where I talked about dannychoo.com. You can see the photos of the studio and recording in the Blog TV article.
Was a live broadcast and coupled with being my first time on Japanese TV, I was rather nervous indeed ^^;