Otaku Cleanout

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2006/12/31 16:15 JST in Misc
Even an Otaku has to clean up from time to time. I usually make a point of regularly throwing out the stuff I dont want so that I can find the stuff I do want. Sometimes I come across stuff that I'm not sure I need and end up putting it aside. Yesterday was the day where I threw the stuff away that I put aside and hadn't touched for months.
Nenmatsu Oo Souji (年末大掃除(ねんまつおおそうじ)) is the end of year event that most Japanese folk participate in - its the "clean-out-the-house-o-crap" / "wipe-skid-marks-from-the-ceiling" / "ah-I-found-a-mouldy-maggotty-piece-of-bread-under-the-pillow" / "aha-thats-where-we-put-the-dog. but-its-dead-now..." time of year where its out with the old and off to a fresh new start for the new year.
In midst of Cleaning out the living room which usually looks like this. When on earth will wo/mankind stop using wires? (including electrical wires)
Cleaning out the wires on the 3rd floor which normally resembles something like this.
Sorting figure n gundam accessories - most of these are GFF bits n pieces. Quite a waste actually. Bandai should have two GFF in the box and charge more instead of armor pieces. I guess their strategy is to get you to buy two of the same GFF but thats not exactly eco-friendly.
And then its time to deal with the books and brochures from events etc.
This is the last post for 2006 (Comike coverage tomorrow) and I thought I would take this opportunity to say a humungous thank you to all of you. Thanks to everyone who was with me this time last year and thanks to all those who joined this year - expect more Gundams, figurines, event coverage, trooping, idols and Japanism news in 2007 ^o^/