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Osechi Ryori ] is a traditional Japanese cuisine that is eaten at the beginning of the year. It is characterized by being served in a 3 tiered box which is stacked before and after eating. The contents are usually eaten over a few days and consist of items like Daidai ] (Japanese bitter orange), Kamaboko ] (broiled fish cake), prawns and so on which are all cold when consumed.

The price of Osechi Ryori ranges depending on the grade - these ones at Rakuten can be ordered from anywhere between 4800 yen and 27000 yen. I think our one was for about 10000 yen. If you really wanted, you could get *one* at Mitsukoshi for 315000 yen (4095 USD) ^^; The expensive ones would have high grade ingredients and layout of the box designed by some charisma chef.

Was our first time having Osechi and it tastes fabulous! Is there anything in particular that you usually eat over the new year period?

Wifey took embarrassing photo of me and uploaded it somewhere ^^;

Yuki-chan in new years mood wearing her Miko outfit.

Wifey drinks but I dont - but I have something thats just as good - soda!

Photos taken on the Sony NEX-5N.