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My second time back at the Manyo Club hot spring baths in Yokohama but this time armed with the Lumix LX3.

For those who are not familiar, the Manyo Club is an 8 story building located in Yokohama filled with leisure facilities and hot springs (Onsen). More info in English and how to get there in the previous Manyo Club article.

The usual "no dogs, tattoos, persons associated with violent gangs and no drunk folks" sign at the entrance.

One the way in, one has to pay the entrance fee to get in the building and extra to use the hot springs.

One is issued with a locker key which has a bar code. The barcode is scanned like this at devices dotted around the building for when you want to pay for something. The bag is used to carry your shoes. Like most traditional Japanese facilities such as a ryokan, shoes must be removed before entering the building.

Kazoku Buro is a family tub filled with hot spring water. You can rent one for the family at 3200 yen per hour. But you need to book in advance at least an hour ahead.

Before heading for the hot springs, you get to choose which Yukata to wear. The ladies get more choices.

Once you pick up your yukata, you head to the mens or womens onsen. You must remove all your clothing before entering - if you are shy about other people looking at your dolphin or eyes then you probably should avoid. Do bear in mind that you occasionally bump into others who may take a fancy to you and stare at your dolphin or eyes...

Males who physically bump into another person inside the onsen by accident may need to disinfect their dolphin afterwards. If you want to avoid being bumped into, just walk along the wall with your back facing it.

Mixed onsen hot springs are known as Konyoku ]and you can see some examples at Google. The image of Konyoku however is that of elderly ladies with long saggy eyes but lately, there seems to be more young girls don't seem to mind sharing while wearing nothing but a soft n tender birthday suit.

This may sound like heaven to some but there were some men on 2 channel who complained about nekkid girls getting in the same hot spring as them.

How about you? Are you fine with others of the same gender seeing your lil bro or oppai? Would you be fine in getting into a mixed Konyoku where the other gender can see your yummies?

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Camera not allowed into the onsen and even if I took it in the lens would steam up. Besides, didn't want to show you any photos of nekkid hairy men that you cant unsee.

After soaking in the hot spring water for about half an hour, its time for some din dins.

How about some Kabuto Yaki?

Then its off to the relaxation lounge for a while. This is the view from my seat.

Catching up on some manga. Still on Makenki 1.

The buttons on the seat control the TV set. Sound comes from the speakers embedded in the seat by the ears so that others cant hear.

This room is almost full on weekends.

There are two relaxation lounges - one for folks who snore and for those who don't but occasionally fart.

One floor at Manyo Club is full of arcade machines. Did anybody see the last Rambo movie? Saw bits of it and was appalled at the violence. Kids with limbs flying all over the place.

They have UFO catchers too - the eva girls with bread. The idea is that you sandwich the girls in the pastry and eat.

Then its up on the roof to get some Ashiyu where one dips their feet in hot spring water.

Bery nice view of the Yokohama area from the roof. There are warm jackets to be used which are worn over your Yukata.

Stuck some of these in the Wallpaper Pool.

Once your feet warm up, the rest of your bod feels warm but as soon as you get out into the open air at this time of year you will feel quite cold.

Zooming in with the Lumix LX3.

When we are ready to leave we head to the entrance where there is a shop selling a load of goodies.

Having a cuppa green tea. The green card is given to you when you have handed back your Yukata. You then hand the card in when you check out which proves that you didn't stuff the Yukata in your bag and are trying to do a runner.