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POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2014/04/12 16:37 JST in Anime

When I was studying Japanese many moons ago during an era when there was no Internets, I had to get myself along to a book shop called the Japan Center in London to hunt for magazines.

This photo was taken way back then showing you what type of magazines I bought. Unfortunately no ecchi 2D girly magazines at that time which is always tough for strapping young lads who want to stay healthy...

Online Japan store J-List however seem to be focused on the well being of everybody and have a load of health related magazines ^^;

Following are a bunch of photos taken of a batch of magazines sent over by J-List. Have a look through to see what tickles your fancy and potentially keep you healthy.

Comptiq April 2014

Dengeki Moeoh April 2014

Megami Magazine Deluxe vol. 22

E2 Etsu vol. 41 February 2014

Dengeki G's Magazine April 2014

At the same time, you maybe interested in a "Japanese Snack Subscription” by J-List which seem to be popular these days - subscribe and they send you a monthly box filled with Japanese sweet things.
This photo is just a sample of what you may get and will be different all the time. I'm going to stick these in the snack. corner for the rest of the staff in the office. If you are visiting our office of late then help yourself!