Oimachi Station

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2010/08/05 16:58 JST in Living in Japan Guide

For those of you who are considering living in Tokyo or want to see more of daily life, this new series is for you. From now on I'll be taking you for a gander around various train stations in Tokyo.
Located around most stations is a shopping area called "Shotengai" 商店街]. Shotengai usually consists of the post office, beauty salons, doctors, dentists, convenience store, restaurants, pachinko parlors, supermarkets and so on.

Today we have a lookie around the Oimachi station shotengai which we explored for the first time the other night.

Oimachi station is located on the Keihin-Tōhoku Line, Rinkai Line and Tōkyū Ōimachi Line in the Shinagawa ward. Map > http://ow.ly/2liaV
On average 65,055 people pass through the station every day.

More tentacle shenaniganz in the childrens park.

Biked with wifey over to Shinagawa on a warm evening. Bicycles can *usually* be left chained to rails here n there without being impounded.

Oimachi is more of a place to go to eat with a load of restaurants all over - many of them with folks lining up outside. Most restaurants charge about 1000 yen for lunch and then raise their prices in the evening but Oimachi had many places where you could get good grub in the evening for something like 800 yen per dish.

We rounded off the evening at a Yakitori place - chicken, veggies and other meat stuff grilled on a stick.

What I forgot to do this time is get the average prices of rent in the area - will do so next time.

All photos taken on the Lumix GF1.