Odaiba in the Winter 2013

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Japan in the Winter series is back again this year and today we take a lookie at the Odaiba area in Tokyo. Places visited include Odaiba Deck, Aqua City, Diver City, Venus Port and loads of other shops in these entertainment facilities. First up is Odaiba Deck's Daiba Icchoume Shotengai - a floor dedicated to retro goodies and attractions from the Showa period.
If you love the Showa period (1926 through 1989 ) then you will love this place. I personally love the Showa period so much so that a world in Mirai Millennium is a mix of retro showa and sci-fi future.
This place is full of snacks - some modern and retro.
Can't get enough of Pocky? If so then make sure you grab a couple of these giant Pocky boxes.
Stuffed Ghibli characters.
Sakuma-shiki Drops with Setsuko from Grave of the Fireflies. In case you're wondering why the product name is written backwards - the majority of Japanese folks used to write from right to left but the style gradually went out of fashion after the second world war.
Japanese Kaomoji (emoticon) bento-boxes.
The legs of Tokyo Tower which was built during the Showa period.
Kewpies with smaller Kewpies hiding their Kewpies.
Doraemon plushies, mug cups, chopsticks and more. Any of you following the latest series?
Hello Kitty souvenirs.
Old-fashioned soda cans - did you know that Fanta originated in Germany?
Retro arcade games.
Star Wars pinball machine.
Retro pachinko machines.
Character pet bottles.
Heat reactive "Magic Towels" - the clothes disappear when dipped in hot water.
Mmm...plastic food - if you haven't already, check out the Japan Plastic Food post for more.
0 Series Shinkansen (bullet train).
Looking for your very own chopsticks? - Choukokudou can carve your name on one of their chopsticks.
Edoya - has plethora of dagashi which are cheap snacks mainly for kids.
Dagashi buffet.
In Japan, you can get almost anything from vending machines like these canned ramen...
...and these canned yakitori.
The Odaiba Takoyaki Museum - a museum for everything takoyaki.
New and used prize figures on sale.
Now heading outside for some fresh crisp air - its really cold right now!
Justice Gundam in the Christmas mood.
Zakumania - stackable Zaku and GM mini figures.
Rock band "Crude Play" from the movie "Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru" .
Giant Rainbow Pocky - only available in Odaiba.
Folks can 2D-ified right here.
God Eater 2 gachapon. If you fancy Alisa, then you may be interested in this figure by Alphamax.
Cat Sushi charms - each for 300 yen.
Protective Smart Pantsu 2 for your smart phones.
Village Vanguard - store for all sorts of miscellaneous goodies.
New Masterpieces of 100 Eshi (Artist) Generation 2.
Your dish of curry looks like poo? Make it look even more like poo with this toilet plate.
Round 1 game center located at Diver City 6th floor has loads of arcade games, ufo catchers, purikura machines and more.
Senbonzakura Miku prize figures.
Senbonzakura Rin and Len plushies.
Tons of Calorie Mate prizes - for those running on fumes.
The Odaiba artificial beach. Sport events and festivals are held here throughout the year but is usually quiet around winter.
No swimming, no barbecues, no skating and no shellfish collecting.
They left off the No Breathing one.
Cannons were placed on these islands ages ago during the Edo period - checkout Wikipedia for the full story.
Mirai Nendoroid takes in the sights.
Statue of Liberty replica. The real one lives here.
The Rainbow Bridge constructed in 1993 is approximately 798m long and connects Shibaura ward and Odaiba ward. If you're interested in seeing the bridge up close, take one of the boat cruises available in the area.
And this is how it looks like at night - the illumination uses solar energy collected during the day.
Snap with Wifey and Mirai-chan.
Possibly world's fastest police car?
Collectible Black Rock Shooter goodies at the Noitamina shop.
Would you buy some Anohana themed ramune and cider - 2.50 USD and 3 USD respectively.
Log Horizon - currently airing on NHK E Television.
Latest Haganai light novel.
Mirai doing some shopping for clothes.
Spotted a street performer who managed to whip up quite a crowd.
Loads of illuminations during this festive time of year.
What do you want Santa to bring you for this Xmas?
And lastly the Venus Fort - a shopping mall designed to resemble a 17th-18th century European city.
Retro car fans may want to visit the History Garage that displays a ton of old fashioned cars from 1960 -1990.
DeLorean DMC12 - unfortunately without the flux capacitor.
I still owe you a big update on the line of Smart Dolls that I'm creating ><
The standard manual version should be all ready this month.
The price of the manual version will be comparable to other dolls of the same spec on the market.
Time for dindins before heading back to base.
And that's about it for today ^^
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