POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2008/03/26 05:57 JST in Japan

The next Japanese Office Tour is of the game/eroge/anime maker NitroPlus.

This is more of a look at their entrance, meeting room and the goodies that I suddenly acquired rather than a full tour. The meetings that we were in ended up taking longer than expected and by the time we finished, most of the staff had already gone home. The full tour will come after a very exciting NitroPlus product announcement next week...

After a few hours of meetings, we relax a bit by watching the pre-release version of Blassreiter which goes on air next month.
Blassreiter is being produced by the NitroPlus folks and Gonzo. PV for those who have not seen it below.

Just like the Good Smile offices, NitroPlus also have cabinets filled with their products and licensed figures.

NitroPlus have under their belt a few PS2 titles, eroge and boys love titles too.

Igunis from their Jingai Makyou series and that girl from Demonbane - forgot her name.

More licensed figures.

A Good Smile Nendoroid of one of their characters.

The Demonbane girl whose name is still on the tip of my toe.

The Demonbane mecha in their lounge cost over 6000000 yen to produce @.@

And heres the boring bits - a look at the stash that they gave me starting off with some of their CDs.

They also gave us just about all their game titles to date ^^;

Not sure if I'm going to have time to play them all so will stash them in the "suddenly acquired" cabinet and maybe do a give away as soon as the giveaway tool is ready.

More gaming goodies.

If there were more eroge titles in English that were easy to get hold of, would you buy them?

This is the cover of their 2007 calendar - Igunis looks so cute!

Also got their 2008 desk calendar too.

For me it looks like its going to be August all year round ^^;

Some illustration books.

Their next eroge title is Chaos Head which is out next month.

The artwork will look very familiar to those who watched Myself Yourself - same illustrator whose name is also on the tip of my toe.

As you can see, this game is full of cute girlies. And yes - that male looking character is a girl.

NitroPlus are known to have made a quite a few "bloody" titles in the past and this may be another "Nice Boat" type story.

A peek at the inside of the illustration books.

More Demonbane mecha. Demon Bane OP below.

More Demonbane pantsu.

Igunis and her lovely eyes.

You saw this girl in the calendar earlier on - shes from another up n coming eroge title from NitroPlus called Sumaga. Notice how they cater for all tastes - very small, medium and very large. Eyes.

More Sumaga goodies.

Good Smile not only make figures but they also make hand puppets too. This is Joy Max - the NitroPlus PR person who is neither man or woman.

NitroPlus have the most awesome business cards. After seeing this, we decided to make our Mirai Inc business cards with Mirai-chan on them.

The NitroPlus folks are busy with some product launch that will be announced next week - the full office tour sometime after that.