POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2009/04/24 15:04 JST in Japan

My work has somehow got me involved with the NHK (Nippon Housou Kyoukai) which is Japan's national broadcasting organization.

Went along today for a meeting with others involved in a project we're working on and took some pics when nobody was looking ^^;

In one of the studios. From left to right:-
-Claytonian: Youtuber and blogger.
-Danny Choo: office cleaner and SAFS box folder.
-Kevin Cooney: Comedian, Actor and Vlogger.
-Anna Kunnecke: Actress, TV announcer and mother.

The NHK studios are located very near Tokyu Hands in Shibuya where I picked up some props for the next Tokyo Trooper series. Grabbing our passes at the entrance.

Some posters at the entrance. The girl in the middle of the poster is the lovely Mikako Tabe. Shes got a lovely girl-next-door aura about her. And who came up with the "the-girl-next-door" phrase anyway? I've never had gorgeous girl-next-door-types ever live next to me. Anybody lucky folks out there who do?
Mikako in a DS CM below. And I first found out about Mikako in the movie Hinokio - worth a watch.

This is the room where they make the traditional wigs.

Each wig is made especially for each actor and they spend a lot of time making it so that they look the same throughout the whole series.

And this is what the actors n actresses look like kitted up - how many can you recognize?

Some props in the corridor.

In one of the studios. Had to be dead silent for a bit while they finished up a cut.

Some more of the same studio.

At the back of the set.

And the very back of the set.

This corridor was huge and the first thing that came to my mind was "where is the Ark kept then?"

Some background stuff.

Special effects department.

The some of the studio lights were really odd - made my photos turn out completely green no matter how I set the camera - any experts on why and how to over come this? I did realize after that I could turn up the warmth and adjust the tint to bring the photo to normal-ish levels in Lightroom but would rather take a decent shot on shutter.

Not sure what these are.

The props department had everything. Some bits felt like you just walked into a time slip.

Hand in your wireless mikes before entering.

On the set for a show which talks about staying single or getting married. Which are you?

This is just one of the food places inside the NHK studios. The studio is huge - like a small city.

Mr X assigning us our next mission.

On the International floor - full of gaijin from all over the world. Can you name the guy in the bottom left corner?

International News broadcasting department.

We was briefly on TV today ^^;
This is where they charge up the ion canon to let the Rebel Transport ship through. Hmmmm. Feel like watching ESB all of a sudden ^^;

A closer look at those ion canon controls.

NHK have their own book store in the building. Didnt spot any ero mags though.

The canteen area where employees pre-pay for their food.

Canteen is packed.

We didn't eat here though.

The gorgeous Yuka-chan who started off her glamor days as a gravure idol.

NHK have their own pharmacy in the building too. They seem to have everything so people don't actually need to leave ^^;

Some vending machines for in-between filming snacks.

The lovely Mikako again.

This is a huge room where they build the sets.

Hope this chap wakes up before the wood gets a slicing.

On another set.

Another set for cooking and talk shows.

Many of the studios are a bit creepy - a huge echoey room with nobody about.

Makeup area.

NHK had many of these smoking chambers dotted around the studios.

Megumi Yasu-chan.

NHK do quite a few anime shows too. They done Planetes which I never got round to finishing.

And then its a lunch meeting to finalize everything. One of my Puchi Blurbs where left during the meeting with Dell Mini 9 + Leopard and E-Mobile data stick.

Lunch looked like pooey water but was actually green curry.

Mr X beside me giving Claytonian final instructions.

And then its back to the office. The gorgeous Rio-chan. Gorgeous eyes.

Walking down Center Gai towards the station.

Stopped off at Sakuraya before continuing on to the station.

The cute Hachiko bus. Not sure if its free to use.

At the South Exit at Shibuya.

Tom Hanks in Angels and Demons due out on 15th May in Japan. Loved the DaVinci Code but never got round to reading this Dan Brown book - as good as DaVinci Code?

Back in the office going through mails and stuff.
As for what we're up to at NHK - to be announced on the 30th of April next Thursday at Tokyo CGM Night.

And a teaser of the commercial/Image Video that I was in - will post photos of the shoot and the video soon.