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In Japan, on the 1st of January, a ton of postcards usually arrive called Nengajo ]. Nengajo are new year greeting cards that families and business partners send to each other. Today we take a look at what some anime, figure and game companies send out - plucked some Nengajo from a few of my clients and got Yuki to hold them for me.

Publishers of YuruYuri Ichijinsha. Most Nengajo are of postcard form like this...

...but every year, Good Smile Company like to send something thats not the standard size ^^;

This years Good Smile Nengajo is one of those scratch and win thingies - I scratched and won! I get to plug absolutely anything I want (as long as its not too ecchi) on Mikatan's blog.

Most postcards come with the standard lottery system thats been in use for many moons now. The numbers at the bottom of the postcards are published in newspapers - if the number matches then you win a load of cash!
A retro Nengajo commercial below which mentions the lottery numbers at the end.

Figure maker Max factory.

Anime Studio Production IG. This featuring their up n coming movie A letter to Momo.

Publisher Kadokawa.

TV Production TV Man Union.

Publisher BNN.

Figure store Hobby Search.

Where ninja's are born - Edo Wonderland in Nikko who are releasing a movie!

The folks who run NicoNico - Dwango.

Online figure store Hobby Stock.

The Max factory company Indotei who do Mirai-chan Curry.

Mirai in a wrestling collaboration in 2012?!

Doll maker Obitsu.

TV station BS11.

Fashion Designer Hibiki.

Eroge company Yuzu-soft - this one with a message from Kobuichi-sensei.

Online figure store AmiAmi.

Publisher Broccoli.

High School Girl Fashion designers Lucy Pop.

IT company Xtone.

Game maker JRPG.

Trading Card Game Company Bushiroad.

Game maker Idea Factory.

Figure maker Kotobukiya.

Architects Klein Dytham.