Nendoroid Petit

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2007/11/12 02:03 JST in Figures

Next up from the Good Smile offices are the up n coming Nendoroid Petit series. These are just sooo cute.

Folks in Japan can get these at all Circle K convenient stores from the 22nd of November and should be available everywhere else during the second week of December. Each costs 500 yen.

Mikuru is my fave - awesomely cute and going in the car.

There are two different variations of each character. Yuki has removable cloak, hat and wand.

All characters are articulated to a certain extent. None of the parts are glued which has enabled Good Smile to keep production costs low while delivering incredibly good quality considering these are trading figures.

Haruhi looks good in Kyons uniform.

The cheerleader Haruhi is the secret one - not sure if I'm allowed to upload this one ^^;
The hair and face can be taken apart and placed on different characters - which is what I done for the cheerleader Haruhi.

The obligatory kyon-on-female-body shots.

Small and incredible cute - if these were edible then they'd be gone in no time.

I've had a few conversations with folks about the Nendoroid series who tell me that they really don't like the super deformed style - are these up your alley or you prefer the standard scale PVCs?

You can also make up School Days dioramas too.