Nanami Sakuraba

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2009/03/16 16:26 JST in Japanese Idols

After appearing in the Softbank commercial, Nanami Sakuraba seems to be gaining incredible popularity - I didn't really notice until I saw her in the CM and thought to myself "Fwoah! Whos that?!"

Nanami-chan was born on 1992/10/17 and is a gravure model, actress with the Sweet Power talent agency - same agency as Maki Horikita.

The Softbank CM below.

Some more Nanami clips below - looking very sweet eating fruits half way through.

Nanami in another CM below.

Mu! in a PV for rugby

You can look for more of Nanami chan on Sankei, Baidu and Google.

Image from Collection Days.