Nakano Broadway

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Nakano Broadway is an indoor shopping complex which contains 3 floors full of anime, manga, idol, figures, rare toys and electronics together with a load of other Japanese Pop Culture goodies.
Just imagine an indoor version of Akihabara with a lot less eroge, maids and computer part stores. Recommended for folks who are looking for doujin, rare figures, promotional posters or just "rare" in general.

Get off at JR Nakano which is on the Chuo/Sobu lines. Map of the station area below.

As soon as you step out of the West exit at the station, you will see this entrance to the Nakano Sun Mall shopping arcade - head towards it and be careful not to bump into the school girls on their way out.

Walking down Nakano Sun Mall shopping arcade. Nakano Broadway is at the end - about 100 to 200 meters?

Chemists, bookstores, hairdressers and other daily shops. Do you remember the Japanese word for such a shopping area? We learned the word when taking a look at Oimachi Station.

A load of grub to be had in the shopping arcade.

The entrance to Nakano Broadway.
Nakano Broadway opened up in 1966 as an extension to the Nakano Sun Mall shopping arcade. Its actually 10 floors but only floors 1 through 4 are open to the public.
Everything from the 5th floor upwards are apartments - 220 of them which cost a bomb due to the high demand. The roof has a garden, open swimming pool and a golf practice range too.
The 4th floor has many store space used by Mandarake as storage which is why there are many closed shutters up there. They even have a clinic up there so that you can see a doctor in the case that you start to loose blood while looking at all the ecchi mags at one of the Mandarake.

The store space is said to be relatively cheap considering the convenience of the shopping complex location. For this reason, many small sellers have been able to move in and set up shop - a majority of them being otaku related. The non otaku related stores call Nakano Broadway "The Otaku Building" and "The Devils Den" and worry that the otaku flavor of the shops gives the whole place a bad name and thus affects their own businesses.

"Junk" ジャンク] is a term used in Japanese to refer to old computer or electronic parts. This place buys and sells old computers.

A list of all the stores from 1st though 4th.

Mandarake is a chain of stores which sell pretty much everything that's Japanese Pop Culture. Most of the stuff they sell however is secondhand. But "secondhand" in Japan is in most cases as good as new. But just because an item is secondhand, it doesn't mean you are going to pay less - at Mandarake depending on the item, you are likely to pay much more ^^;

Mandarake started up in 1980 as a small secondhand bookshop at Nakano Broadway. They purchased secondhand books at a reasonable price which soon became a popular service. Today, Mandarake would probably buy your kitchen sink if it had anime characters plastered all over it.

Here you can see many folks lining up with suitcases of stuff to sell. If you got anything thats Japanese Pop Culture in good condition then you may want to drop it off here so that you can save enough money to buy an expensive doll.

The following photos should give you an idea of what Nakano Broadway has in store for you. Next time I'll go armed with my camera crew and show you what goes on inside the shops.

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