POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2004/06/01 07:35 JST in Gundam

Its here at last! the 20th model in the Gundam Fix Figuration series which I reserved online a month ago is here! I don't remember seeing this model in any of the Gundam movies but it seems like a variation of #0018 RX-78-4 GUNDAM G04/RX-78NT-1 "ALEX" - most of you Gundam fans knowing that ALEX appeared in 「ポケットの中の戦争」or otherwise known in English as "War in the pocket". This RX-78-6 "MUDROCK"/RX-78-5 GUNDAM G05 comes laced with the usual bolt on's and actually transforms into a RX-78-5 "GUNDAM G05" which you obviously know appeared in the erm series which I cant quite remember.

For those of you who don't know, Gundam Fix Figuration series by Bandai features the most detailed complete models of the Gundam Mobile Suits. They are just toooo cool. See the whole colection at Bandai's official site here and check out my Photos section to see more too.

When I get 5 minutes to open this, will take some cool poses for you to feast your mince pies.