Mount Fuji

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2013/06/23 01:06 JST in Places to visit in Japan
Grats to Mt Fuji for being granted World Heritage status by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) earlier on today!
Spent last Sunday near Mount Fuji doing some filming. Been living in Japan for about 13 years and realized that we should have done this more often!
Was a gorgeous sunny day and we were just in time for the Shibazakura (Moss Pink) season at the Shibazakura Festival.
This season only lasts until May 27th but if you cant make it this time then just keep an eye on the official site to see when you should be going next time.
Punch in the following address into your carnavi - tis located at Fuji Motosuko Resort.
Driving up from Tokyo - Mount Fuji in sight.
Beautiful Mount Fuji also known as "Fuji-san" - I believe there is a card for that.
Our trusty Mirai Itasha Ver 2.
Lining up for tickets - costs 500 yen to get in.
Picking up some Kusa Mochi rice cake.
Blue skies, light cloud and a clear view of Mount Fuji.
Some of these photos (and more) are uploaded in full HD to my Google Plus account - feel free to take and do whatever with them!
Yuki-chan in Mirai Suenaga Winter Uniform cosplay.
Yuki is joined by a friend - 006!
Have not seen Mount Fuji this close for a long time so went crazy with the camera ^^;
All photos taken on the Sony NEX 5N.
Yes - my wife does like our daughters too!
We left Tokyo at about 7:30 AM and got to the area at about 9:30 - but then we discovered some caves which we went to explore. Luckily we arrived at the Shibazakura when we did because it started to cloud over and by the time we left, Fuji-san was completely covered in cloud.
Getting some noms before moving off to the next location.
And the next location is Oshino Hakkai - photos in a separate post!
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