More Akihabara goodies

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2006/03/25 23:26 JST in Misc
I really need to put up more shelves - the table is getting rather cluttered. But its nice clutter though.
A closer look and you can see my figures spilling onto my wife's side of the desk.
And this is what I lugged home with me from Akihabara in a huuuge bag. Now lets take a closer look ^^.
In my grubby mitts at last! Cosmic Region Destiny Gundam! I've been looking forward to this guy for ages. The sword thingies on the shoulders were *very* loose so I fixed the little blighters permanently with super glue. In fact, it needs a few modifications all round which I will detail later.
Bakuretsu Tenshi Meg - sold out pretty much the day it came out but I just happened to know a man with a dog if you know what I mean.
Akemi Hasegawa from Pia Carrot series - a bargain at a discounted 1900 yen.
This months Dengeki Hobby comes with a figure that is actually quite well done - Setsuna Sakurazaki from Konami's Figumate series.
This months Dengeki Hobby - yep - tons of Advance of Zeta stuff as usual.
This months Hobby Japan has pics of GFF Nobel which looks quite OK actually. When I first saw Nobel in that Sailor Moon design I thought "Why on earth did Sunrise allow this shite". I really used to dislike the G Gundam stuff but after watching a few episodes, I think its alright.
Setsuna Sakurazaki - small figure that came in a huge box.
And the back.
Anyway, I know you're looking forward to more Tokyo Anime Fair stuff so up next is IGPX, Evangelion, Galaxy Railways, Bandai, Range Tamura, Samurai 7, Demon Bane and more exclusive anime promotion videos.
I also owe you a review of the W41CA, Stormtrooper helmet modifications, GFF Destiny modifications and other stuff.