Mop Girl

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2007/11/18 19:06 JST in Japanese Idols

The title "Mop Girl" didnt really excite me when I first saw ads for this drama on the trains. Stumbled across a review on a readers site (cant remember who ToT) and decided to invest some time to check it out. Glad I did - Mop Girl is made of win.

Momoko (played by scrumptious Keiko Kitagawa) ends up working at Little Angels - a company that takes care of burials including cleaning up any mess after a death (usually a murder) - hence "Mop Girl."

Soon after joining Little Angels, Momoko touches an item belonging to a victim who was shot dead - the victim was somebody she knew. The next thing she knows shes back in her room and has jumped back in time. All the events happen as she previously experienced but this time round she has information about how her friend died and sets out to prevent it.

We learn that Momoko acquired this ability after she was saved from a road accident as a child - the person who saved her dies and passed along to Momoko this ability. Now, when Momoko touches an item that had great meaning to the person who died, Momoko would hear a strange ringing noise and be transported into the past (about or less than 24 hours) where she would set out to find out and save the person who got killed. We learn in EP04 that she can use this ability only once per victim...

Mop Girl is full of fun and clumsy Momoko is just adorable. Each episode does have a serious plot which is usually to find out how somebody got murdered.

Mop girl also stars Mr handsome Shosuke Tanihara who was in my other fave dramas Yama Onna Kabe Onna and Koi ni Ochitara.

These screencaps were taken from EP04 which has an otaku theme around it as you can see - incredibly moving episode and an unexpected ending.
Do give Mop Girl a whirl if you can spare the time.

On a side note, one of the best things I loved about J-dramas when I was learning Japanese back in the UK was that I got to see a lot of Japan and hear a lot of conversational Japanese that they dont really teach at school.

Previews of Mop Girl below - if I saw these earlier I would have picked up this drama straight away. The latest EP is 06 now (I think)