Moekana & Moekanji Cases

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Update! These Moekana and Moekanji deck cases are now available for worldwide shipping from AmiAmi at 970 yen! (Moekana Version) (Iizuki Version)
I've always wanted to have my own Mirai Suenaga Carry Case and here they are! They will be first available to folks who are attending Anime Festival Asia Singapore! We will have a limited quantity at the Culture Japan booth so do try to nab some before they sell out! Pricing details further down the post!

Many folks would call this a Deck Case for playing cards but you can actually do so much more with them as I will go into detail below. This is the Iizuki Version as illustrated bu Iizuki Tasuku-sensei.

This is the back of the Iizuki Version - Mirai in her Solar Marine uniform.

Inside the case you get a separator is not only great for separating contents in the case - you can also use it to scrape snow from your car or if you throw it hard enough then you can use it as a shuriken substitute.

This is the Moekana Version of Mirai in her Cheerleader gear.

The back of the Moekana Version is Mirai in her Tora gear.

The separator is of Mirai listening to some cool tunes.

Each case comes folded and wrapped.

Each case should be folded before use.

Many cases like this come already made but we developed a template which allows the case to be folded. This means we can pack 50 of these into a 270mm × 200mm × 110mm x 1.5kg sized carton for logistic reasons.

The contents after you remove the packaging.

Fold along the edges before assembly.

Folds like so...

The edges of the case have little tabs...

Push the tabs into the slots like so..


Bung in the separator and you are done.

The lid has a little tuck like so...

Which can be tucked under the slot on the case to keep it closed.

I like it!

You can use the case to keep your Japanese learning cards Moekana in it.

If you have the Mirai card sleeves...

Then you will be able to fit a pack of 50 cards with their sleeves in the case like so.

I kept many of these cases for myself ^^; One use I have is to keep my business cards in - the separator helps keep cards that I receive seperate from my ones.

Figma's are delicate to carry around - protect them in the case!

A couple of Nendoroid Puchi will fit in the case too!

Standard sized Nendoroids however dont quite fit - unless you pull the front hair piece off. But you can use it to carry around your Nendoroid parts ^o^

All fit like so!

And for those of you (like me) who carry around gadgets like USB cables and wot not - then the case can be used for that purpose too.

Like so!

Do you have a few dolly daughters? If so then Mirai Carry Case is for you too!

Keep those hands under control with ease.

Sometimes your daughters will get hungry while you are out n about...

Keep their food clean with one of these cases!

You can even store a whole bowl of ramen in the case.

Speaking of food - you can also use the cases to store your daughters undies.

Your daughters like gadgets too?

Use the case to keep your girls gadgets organized.

Carry around a load of batteries?

Carry case should help keep your juice organised!
BTW, everybody in the Japanese TV industry labels even batteries as things go missing all the time!

Hide snacks in the case so that you can nibble on them during class or work.

Need to carry around a spare change of clothes for your girls?

Mirai Carry Case keeps em clean!

Food and shoes - a great combination.

Use the case to stash your cash too!

Each Mirai Carry Case comes with 1 set of Janken Cards (3 cards total) which are Rock , Paper and Scissors .

If you have 2 sets then you can play Janken the new way with Moekana cards!




Available first at AFA Singapore at my Culture Japan (Mirai) booth!
The Japanese retail price is 1000yen and we will be selling each case for 15 SGD at AFA Singapore.
Shortly after they will be made available for purchase at reputable online retailers - will update this post with details once I have them.

Time to tidy up after photos ><