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POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2006/09/03 06:43 JST in Gundam

Continuing with the Glorious Gundam Goodness from Chara Hobby starting off with Full Armor Gundam - 1/100 scale and yours for a laughable 28800 yen. Really like this but its not articulate. Me love me Gundams posable.

This was when I decided to make the purchase.

Yakuto Doga - not sure whats the story behind these or why there are two variations. Look cool though.

Translating this from Japanese so dont know if the spelling is correct or not - Ri Gazui? (リ・ガズィ)

Heres that lego type Gundam that we looked at a while ago. Now that you've seen it upfront - would you still buy?

Megablock Zak.

HG Powered GM.

Cant quite remember the name but its from Stargazer. Which reminds me - watched the second installment of Stargazer and wanted to hit somebody at the end of it (the producer). What a waste of time.

Seen this before but dont know the name.

Bleu Duel Gundam.

Stargazer Gundam bust.

Verde Gundam.

Gundam Mk 3 Resin kit - Chara Hobby 2006 version.

Gundam APAPT series. Look good but not sure how articulate they are.

Looks like the Hyaku Kai that comes with the GFF Hyakushiki but is not.

Blue Destiny Gundam.

1/60 scale Gouf Custom - was sold out by the time I got to the booth.

Think this is Akatsuki.

Psycho Gundam

This gundam is made of paper!

Here are the instructions for paper gundam.