POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2016/05/20 20:26 JST in Smart Doll
At last - Android OS can now be installed in every single Smart Doll without any modifications whatsoever - meet the ultimate desktop companion that we are calling "Miraicon" which is the abbreviation of the Japanese spelling of Mirai Computer.
All you need is an Android Stick PC - just make sure the power socket is on the vertical axis. The nest step is to remove the arms, head and bust part and slot the Android stick in the torso - no modifications needed whatsoever.
The HDMI cable and USB power cable should go around the Mirai Frame like so. Before putting in the Android however, you should configure all devices to be bluetooth wireless like the keyboard and mouse.
Then replace the bust part, arms and head and you are good to go. Articulation is not affected at all.
I have not modified the cables at all but you can have short female cables so that it does'nt look like a mess behind when unplugged from the monitor - although some folks like the cables-coming-out-of-cute-girls-back thing.
Even with the cabling, dressing up the Smart Doll still should not be a problem.
Clear Mirai gives you a better idea of how the Android Stick sits inside.
There you have it! The perfect desktop companion - the perfect and cutest PC case!
But I hear you want more power? How about Windows power? Just get yourself a Windows stick PC which also just fits in.
I'm in the middle of modding my Miraicon with Windows 10 - this time with proper sockets for the cables.
The cutest PC case I've seen if I'm allowed to say so myself ^^
The Windows version of Miraicon needs more sockets and ventilation.
If you would rather have your Smart Doll just charge your phone then go for the Smart Charge Mirai mode instead.