MiraiClock3 Bikini

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2013/08/08 20:42 JST in Mascot

I has great news for folks who have downloaded the free anti-ronery MiraiClock3 app - the bikini version is coming soon!
"BUT HOW SOON?!" I hear you ask? Very soon! As soon as next week because I'm giving MiraiClock3 Bikini Beta out to all attendees of Culture Japan Con - they get it before the rest of the world!

MiraiClock3 Bikini Ver will be an upgrade to the current MiraiClock3 meaning that all you need to do is to update the app - no need to install a seperate app.

But for the version I'm giving out at Culture Japan Con - you need to remove the previous version and re-connect to Twitter. This is because its a beta version (some bugs) and not being distributed via Google Play.

When you come to the Culture Japan Con venue at SQCC, you will see a QR code on a MiraiClock3 poster hidden somewhere in the hall - make sure you got a QR code reader and scan the code to get the URL for the app. The app is free with no ads or evilware!

The QR code will only work on the 17th and 18th of August so make sure you download it during those two days!

BUT! There is a catch - Android only desu ToT
The reason is that Apple does not allow apps to be distributed freely - it has to go through the app store. Android allows apps to be distributed freely and does not have to go through Google Play.

And if you are wondering why I switched to Android after using the iPhone for years then check out this post.

And here are some screenshots from MiraiClock3 Bikini Beta Ver which includes a buggy function to enable you to take photos with Mirai.

Folks can still download the current non Bikini Ver from Google Play or the App Store for iOS.

This version of Mirai Suenaga is illustrated by Shirahane Nao-sensei who will also be at Culture Japan Con giving a workshop to show us how to draw just like her!

MiraiClock3 Bikini Beta Ver awaits you at Culture Japan Con!