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Update! Android version is out!

Fresh out into the App Store is the Mirai Suenaga iPhone and iPad app MiraiClock3 (Mirai Clock 3)- tis free so please do give it a whirl! The app has currently made it into the top 10 charts for free utilities on the app store ^o^

Just like Working Mirai, this is a clock application but this time round it features an interactive Mirai-chan. Have a look at the video below to see what's possible.

At the moment shoe does not do much apart from look at you but she does so in a very sweet way.

Depending on where you touch her, she may get angry like this.

Pinch to zoom and move Mirai about.

Turn upside down and...

The app is universal and works on your iPad too.

The quality on the iPad is much higher than the iPhone - not sure why actually ^^;

A battery indicator will change color as you run out of juice - indicator is turned off when you plug into power.

So cute!

Never feel ronery again as it feels like Mirai is right there with you.

And if you take a photo at the right time it looks like a yandere Mirai.

In the next version there will be different costumes for Mirai and she will speak too. She will tell the time and teach Japanese to us!

I think I asked before but what phone are you using? Gimme some time to work on the Android version - but priority for now is the iOS version due to my limited budget and resources.

MiraiClock3 joins the growing line of Mirai goodies which include the Mirai figma figure and mousepad with built in WSS.

Folks who are watching the second season of Culture Japan will know that Mirai also appears each week on the show as my co-host. She is developed by Cybernoids who also worked on the Oreimo PSP game for Bandai.

When I first saw the Oreimo app I thought it was 3D and was flabbergasted when I discovered that it was created from a 2D illustration. In this case she is illustrated by DMYO-sensei.

Here you can see a load of nodes being mapped onto Mirai-chans eyes which control movement - her lower pair of eyes are also mapped and folks who watch Culture Japan Season 2 will notice that they bounce from time to time ^^;

Every part of Mirai's body can move and you can even see behind her plats.

Even the arms can bend like so.

I just love this smile!

The way Mirai-chan is rigged enables her to tilt her head left n right, up n down too.

Soon, we will be able to see Mirai turn so that you can even see her back! More details on how she was made and what software used etc soon.

Look forward to seeing more of the Live2D Mirai in action but in the meantime - download the app for free!

And there is more!
Cybernoids have also just released a free app called Shizuku Talk which is also free from the app store - this is a more complete version where you can hear Shizuku-chan talk.