Mirai x Kinokuniya Singapore

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2015/01/22 17:14 JST in Mascot
Thanks to all those who went to a branch of Kinokuniya in Singapore to either get a new or exchange their Privilege Card (KPC) for the Mirai one ^o^
All stock depleted in a jiffy and while they wont be making anymore of the old design, Kinokuniya Singapore have released a new design for their new customers.
The Singapore Kinokuniya Card is only valid in Singapore. Malaysia have their own Mirai KPC and I'm working on getting other Kinokuniya stores around the world to converted to the Mirai designs.
Not all Kinokuniya have privilege cards though and depends on the local laws about discounting - the KPC entitles you to 10% off any purchase at the Singapore store but you get 20% off Mirai-chan related products.
Folks who fancy the new design can keep their current card and get the new one for 12 SDG that comes with all of these Mirai goodies which include a clear file, can badge and a Kinokuniya Moekana card.
Folks who want a new card pay 30 SGD - you get all the goodies and 10% off any of your purchases from then on for the following year.
Kinokuniya have made this really cool Mirai tote bag thats costs 25 SGD - but if you got the privilege card then you get 20% off so you get the bag for 20 SGD.
The tote bag comes with an inner pocket so that you can carry around items like Moekana.
The tote bag would also fit any eroge mags that you have lying around at home too.
These Dengeki Hime just happen to feature the art of Koizumi Amane-sensei and Iizuki Tasuku-sensei who have both doodled Mirai for us.
Some of the Kinokuniya goodies from Singapore and Malaysia. If you want Mirai goodies in your Kinokuniya store then just let me know!
And here are some folks who already have their new KPC.
Most Kinokuniya have stock of our Japanese learning products - this one being Moekana - a pack of 56 flash cards that teach hiragana and katakana.
And this is Moekanji - a set of 87 illustrated cards to help you learn First Grade Kanji which include the “On” and “Kun” readings written in hiragana.
When visiting Kinokuniya - have a closer look as you may see Mirai-chan helping out with the stock keeping ^^