Mirai Suenaga's Map of Japan

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2013/12/27 13:07 JST in Mascot
As recently announced, our Mirai Suenaga is now an official mascot for Japan Tourism!
As part of our first collaboration with the Japanese government, we have made a map of Japan which I think is the cutest map of Japan and hope you think so too ^^;
There is so much to see and do in Japan that it wasn't possible to fit everything in this time round - thus we are going to do maps for the various regions starting with Greater Tokyo soon.
This map of Japan has already been distributed at Comic Fiesta in Malaysia and will be distributed worldwide soon.
Below is a JPG format of the map - if you want bigger then you can grab it from the following link.
We left the cover upside down as that is how its printed so maybe you want to print your own and fold it too ^^
If you want to know more about Japan then check out the Visit Japan official facebook, the Places to visit in Japan category and read the reasons why I think Japan is a great place to visit.
Japan is truly a great place and you can also read how discovering it changed my life.
We also printed a huge illustration of the Japan Map to display at our booth at Comic Fiesta. Many folks took photos of it and used it as a background for their cosplay photos too ^o^
And this is what the rest of our booth looked like ^^
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