Mirai Suenaga Summer Uniform

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2012/04/01 17:55 JST in Mascot
I've decided to expand my business by returning to the apparel world. Many moons ago, I used to work in the fashion world (specifically shoes) but fell in love with Japan - left the fashion business and ended up working in the IT field in Japan.
Now that I've built a network of folks in the fashion industry, I get to marry my passion for Japanese Pop Culture with fashion.
I've teamed up with the Japanese fashion label Lucy Pop to produce Mirai Suenaga's Summer school uniform which can now be ordered online from Lucy Pop's website for 19800 yen.
Costs a wee bit more than I expected but is actually about the same price that school girl uniforms costs in Japan. For example skirts are about 10000 yen (like these ones) and simple blouses (like these ones) cost 5000 yen.
I need a mannequin to wear this. Do I hear an excuse to get a Candy Girl? It comes with a strange power - for some reason I keep on wanting to touch and sniff it. Why on earth is that?
The uniform is made in Japan and comes with the blouse, skirt and adjustable ribbon.
And as you can see - the uniform is not only for the girls but the boys can enjoy it too. The shoes are not included by the way ^^;
Available sizes are S,M and L and are ready to ship straight away!
The Summer uniform is the same as the one that can be seen in the anime Mirai Millennium.
And this is what the uniform looks like being worn - this was in the production process which is why the logos are not done yet.
As I mentioned - the boys can also enjoy the uniform too. How many of you wear a school uniform?
You dont have to wear the uniform to enjoy it - you can display it just like all your other anime merchandise. It feels like Mirai-chan is living with you!
A few snaps of the uniform close up.
The ribbon has been made in a way so that it keeps its shape close to the original anime.
Top of the blouse secured with buttons.
There is something pleasing about pulling this zip down. Not sure what it is.
Back of the uniform. All measurements of the uniform are here.
Lace on the skirt edges. Do remember - girls and boys can buy and LucyPop ship worldwide. Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!