Mirai Suenaga School Uniform

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2011/06/15 20:00 JST in Mascot
Been working with Lucy Pop on making the official school uniform for Mirai Suenaga. Lucy Pop specialize in making Japanese school girl uniforms and first up they be working on Mirai-chan's Summer uniform.
Asanon is doing the voice of Mirai-chan and we have already recorded her first single which I'm planning to use as the opening for the second season of Culture Japan. Today Asanon has come to Lucy Pop in Musashikoyama for the second fitting.
Japanese school girl skirts are designed in a way to allow them to be rolled up at the waist - Mirai-chan's skirt also has this feature built in ^^;
Asanon adjusting the waist to make it a better fit.
The boss Kamiyama-san sticks in some pins and will make the final version to Asanon's specs.
The bit O paper on the shoulder is where the logo will go. We've decided to go for an embroidered version rather than a plain print.
The armpits will have some extra material to allow the arms to swing up n down and also enable one to swing from monkey bars.
Extremely pleased with the quality! If I was a girl or Hideyoshi, I'd certainly wear this but will settle for Eiji Seiun cosplay instead.
The logo on the chest will be embroidered too. The ribbon will be styled a bit so that the ends are longer and cut in a slight V shape.
For some strange reason, I have a feeling that we will see maid cafes where all the maids are wearing Mirai-chan summer school uniforms ^^;
The uniforms will be on sale later this year online. I'll ask Kamiyama-san about different sizes (should be available in S M L) but for now roughly what size would you be?
Folks who prefer to make their own cosplay kit should refer to the illustrations in this post or have a lookie at other cosplayers in Mirai's page.
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